Prefix Registration

Individuals or organizations who wish to provide identifier and/or resolution services using the Handle.Net® technology and software may request one or more prefixes from the Handle.Net Registry, and register to become a local handle service provider. Local handle service providers will be deemed to have already entered into, signed and agreed to be bound by the Handle.Net Public License Agreement (ver. 2) for the software. Before registering, please read the Handle.Net Registry Service Agreement (ver. 2), including the Handle.Net Registry Policies & Procedures which are incorporated by reference into the Service Agreement.

Use the Prefix Registration Form to request new prefixes or to pay the annual service fee for previously allotted prefixes.

Registering is a three step process:

  1. Complete the Prefix Registration Form and accept the terms of the Service Agreement to be allotted a prefix.
  2. Forward payment of fees to CNRI.
  3. Upload information about your handle service to CNRI.

After you complete the Prefix Registration Form you will receive a confirmation email message containing an HNR Transaction Number. After replying to the message you will receive email from the HNR Administrator with instructions for making payment and uploading information about your handle service.

When paying an annual service fee for previously allotted prefixes you will be required to enter your prefix numbers into the form.

New DSpace users should complete the Prefix Registration Form and pay the required fee and then follow the steps for configuring their handle server as explained in the DSpace Documentation (currently found here). The HNR Administrator can provide assistance.



June 7, 2018