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[Handle-info] Creating a "user" to create, delete and edit handles

Dear all,

I have a quite naive question. 
Is there a simple way to quickly create a « user » than can create, delete and edit handles without informing the GRH and using the batch?

I tried to find some information about that in the list (e.g. this thread http://www.handle.net/mail-archive/handle-info/msg00872.html ) but it’s not totally clear for me. 

I imagine that something like that could work for the batch:
CREATE myprefix/thecreator
100 HS_ADMIN 86400 1110 ADMIN
101 HS_SECKEY 86400 1100 UTF8 my_password
associated with a local_nas file 

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Nicolas Larrousse

PS If you ca provide some examples, it would make things easier for me to understand. 
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