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[Handle-info] Web-Interface Edit Page

Hi All- sorry if this is long winded. I'll give a trillion kudos to anyone that can help.

I've launched the web interface for administration under Apache Tomcat 6.0.32 and all it worked (almost) right off the bat, except for the edit function. Particularly, the edit2.html page doesn't fetch or send any data, so all form <values = ""> when you submit.

I've been trying to debug it, and noticed that the declaration in the edit2.html 

{{values = ... }}    and {{adds = ...}}

cause all the forms to exit the html. I don't know how many people have experimented with the web-interface, google is vacant of any solutions or explanations on how this works. Is this some sort of CGI script? 

In fact, give it a whirl on our dev server and look at the source html:
Handle Prefix: 10834
User Id: testUser
pass: 0000

 try to edit handle 10834/URL

and then look at the direct source of edit2.html.
Why do the forms load here, but not when actually using it? 

Thank you in advance,