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Re: [Handle-info] Modifying handles with incorrect admin

Hi Tim:
You will need to make a change in your config.dct that will allow server admins all permissions on your handles. You'll need to add
server_admin_full_access = "yes"
under the server section in your config. Please see Sec 5.4 of the Technical Manual - http://www.handle.net/tech_manual/Handle_Technical_Manual.pdf


Tim Donnelly wrote:

I messed up.

I batch created some handles and messed up the admin field.

I populated the Admin ID Handle field with 0.NA/10176/PID (we use the PID of a repository item as it’s handle identifier). What I should have done was just 0.NA/10176.

Now when I try to modify or delete the handle, I get an Err(400):Invalid Admin

Is there any way to fix this?

Tim Donnelly

System/Network Administrator

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

(303)759-3399 x106

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