Handle System Workshop

17 June 2008
Offices of the European Union
Brussels, Belgium


CNRI sponsored a Handle System Workshop on the afternoon of June 17th in Brussels, Belgium at the Offices of the European Union. The free workshop, hosted and arranged by the Office of the Publications of the European Union (OPOCE), was open to the public and addressed recent changes in the Handle System and highlighted new projects and innovative uses of the technology. The workshop followed on directly from the International DOI Foundation's Open Meeting: Resource Access for a Digital World held that morning.

  Introduction and Handle System Update
(Larry Lannom, CNRI)
  A Distributed Metadata Architecture
(Tony Hammond, Nature)
  DOI Impact on End Users
(Ed Pentz, CrossRef)
  Towards a National Persistent Identifier Infrastructure
(Nigel Ward, Link Affiliates)
  Towards a Persistent Identifier Infrastructure for European e-Research
(Daan Broeder, CLARIN/MPG)
  Grid Computing
(Larry Lannom, CNRI)
  Handle Value Types
(Larry Lannom, CNRI)