21 June 2007
American Association for the Advancement of Science
1200 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20005


The Workshop was a half-day session featuring presentations on Handle System applications by speakers from a variety of organizations, and was an opportunity for developers to meet and talk with other developers and users. The workshop followed on directly from the International DOI Foundation's 2007 Annual Members Meeting held that morning, and DOI developers were among the participants.

  Handle System Workshop Introduction
(Larry Lannom, CNRI)
  The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative and the Handle System
(Bill Blackmon, CTO, ADL)
  Web Services Interface for the Handle System
(Adam Smith, Cornell University)
  Transient Network Architecture (TNA)
(Joud Khoury, University of New Mexico)
  A Semeiotic View of DOI® Applications: General Approach and Concrete Experiences
(Piero Attanasio & Gabriella Scipione, multilingual European DOI Registration Agency)
  Handle System Workshop System Updates
(Larry Lannom, CNRI)
  Defense Virtual Information Architecture (DVIA)
(Henry Jerez, CNRI)
  Multiple Resolution @ CrossRef
(Chuck Koscher, CrossRef)