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Individuals or Organizations ("referred to as "Resolution Service Providers" or "RSPs") that want to provide identifier and/or resolution services using the Handle System technology, whether or not they use the HANDLE.NET software, should review the Handle System Public License Agreement ("HSPL") carefully. RSPs providing services using the Handle System technology will be deemed to have entered into, signed and agreed to be bound by this HSPL. Please also read the Handle System Service Agreement ("Service Agreement") carefully, along with the Handle System Policies & Procedures, which are incorporated by reference into the Service Agreement. The Handle System Service Agreement is subject to the terms of the HSPL.

You can download the software, review the code, and set up and configure the software, but you won't be able to create or resolve handles until you agree to the Handle System Service Agreement and register to become an RSP. Registering is a three step process in which you will (1) complete the Registration Form and accept the terms of the Service Agreement, (2) forward payment of fees to CNRI and be allotted a prefix, and (3) upload information about your handle service to the Handle System Administrator.



The button above will take you to the Registration Form to begin the registration process. After you complete the form and click the "Accept" button, a confirmation page containing your HSSA registration number, and payment instructions, will display. To help defray the cost of running the Global Handle Registry there is a one-time $50 Registration Fee (for new prefix allotment), and an Annual Service Fee of $50 per prefix, payable by check, credit card, wire transfer, or (in most cases) PayPal. If you wish, you may choose to prepay the Annual Service Fee for five years for $250, or for ten years at a discounted fee of $425.


New registrants who have already completed the Registration Form and have an HSSA number but have not yet paid should go directly to "Pay Fees".


November 2010