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Re: [Handle-info] FAILURE, "Message came back with different ID"


Maybe there are some weird characters in the file. I made a handle like that myself:

CREATE 21.T12995/adept.kuj:0004.002
100 HS_ADMIN 86400 1110 ADMIN 200:110011111110:0.NA/21.T12995

And it uploaded OK:

==>SUCCESS[3]: create:21.T12995/adept.kuj:0004.002

But two questions:
 - Why does a handle have readable data in it? And why all the special chars like colon and dot?  Why not a handle which is a uuid or some number? Something which is agnostic to the URL it refers to. 
 - Why is there no HS_ADMIN in the handle? This sets the owner of the handle.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Robert Verkerk
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On 24 Oct 2019, at 21:52, Cliff Landis <jlandis@auctr.edu> wrote:

Hi folks,
I created a batch file to create some handles, structured like this:
CREATE 20.500.12322/adept.kuj:0004.002
But the batch is failing to process, with the following message(s):
==>FAILURE[3]: create:20.500.12322/adept.kuj:0004.002: Message came back with different ID: 1178943527!=-1
I’m authenticated, I’m able to create handles manually, and I checked and none of the handles already exist.  I also Googled the error “Message came back with different id” but nothing came up.  I’m at a loss.  Halp!
Thanks in advance,
Cliff Landis  (he/him/his)
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library
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