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Re: [Handle-info] Questions about HS NA DELEGATE

thanks for your reply.
My registered prefix is:20.500.12221

As shown below, let ghr2 be a secondary site.
If I want to build a secondary site, what do I need to do?
1 Is the data type returned by ghr1 HS_SITE?
2 Is the data type returned by ghr2 HS_SITE.PREFIX?
3 Can the client find the LHS through HS_SITE.PREFIX?
4 Does the current client version(hsj-8.1.4) support recursive queries for such secondary site? Or do I need to customize the client code?
5 Are there any documents that can help me implement this?

Thank you very much!

On 7/3/2018 04:19Robert Tupelo-Schneck<schneck@cnri.reston.va.us> wrote:
Instead of HS_NA_DELEGATE, the type HS_SITE.PREFIX is currently used.

This feature would need to be coordinated with an MPA.  You can contact your MPA administrator for more details.

The dropdown in the Handle Tool GUI is not exclusive; you can type in any value type you like.


On 2018-07-02, at 04:57, fanzhipeng <fanzhipeng@teleinfo.cn> wrote:


Does hsj-8.1.4 support the type HS_NA_DELEGATE ?
If I want to use this feature, what should I do?
As you can see from the screenshot, I can't find the HS_NA_DELEGATE type.
( Handle Tool 2.0 )

Thanks !

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