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6. Batch Operation

It may often be desirable to perform more handle operations than possible by hand. In these cases it is best to use the batch facilities included with the Handle System distribution.

You can submit batches through the Handle Administration Tool, as detailed in the previous section "Using the Handle Administration Tool." You can also submit batches using the GenericBatch command line utility. It can be invoked using the following command:

java net.handle.apps.batch.GenericBatch <batchfile> [<LogFile>]

All batch files are plain text format. One batch file can have more than one handle operations. The handle operations are: Create Handle, Delete Handle, Home/Unhome Naming Authority Handles, Add Handle Values, Remove Handle Values, Modify Handle Values, Authenticate User, Setup Session. If you need to change authentication for subsequent batch operations, the new authentication information should be put before the batch block. If you authenticate during the batch submission, then you need not include the authentication information in the batch file.

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