Interface TransactionQueueInterface

  • public interface TransactionQueueInterface
    Interface for the transaction queue that is used as a callback from messages like DumpHandlesRequest.
    • Method Detail

      • getLastTxnId

        long getLastTxnId()
      • addTransaction

        void addTransaction​(long txnId,
                            byte[] handle,
                            HandleValue[] values,
                            byte action,
                            long date)
                     throws java.lang.Exception
        Log the specified transaction to the current queue or throw an exception if there is an error or if this is a read-only queue.
      • addTransaction

        void addTransaction​(Transaction txn)
                     throws java.lang.Exception
      • getFirstDate

        long getFirstDate()
      • shutdown

        void shutdown()
        Close any open files or resources in use by the queue.
      • deleteUntilDate

        void deleteUntilDate​(long date)