Interface TransactionCallback

  • public interface TransactionCallback
    Interface used to define objects that want to receive the streamed results from RetrieveTxnResponse messages.
    • Method Detail

      • processTransaction

        void processTransaction​(Transaction txn)
                         throws HandleException
        Process the given transaction which was received via the stream in the RetrieveTxnResponse message.
      • finishProcessing

        void finishProcessing​(long sourceDate)
        Finish processing this request. The given date (or more specifically, the minimum date returned from all replicated servers) should be used the next time that a RetrieveTxnRequest is sent.
      • finishProcessing

        void finishProcessing()
      • setQueueLastTimestamp

        void setQueueLastTimestamp​(java.lang.String queueName,
                                   long sourceDate)