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HANDLE.NET® Software

Latest Version: Version 7.3.1


The Handle System is not an end user system, and it is not off-the-shelf software. It's an underlying infrastructure for identifying resources whose location and other basic information, e.g., ownership, needs to be updated from time to time.

Handle servers should be installed by system administrators. It is very much like installing a Web server. The server should be installed on a machine with an Internet presence, which should be outside an organization's firewall. If it must be inside a firewall, then ports 2641 and 8000 need to be open to incoming and outgoing messages.


This software is being made available under the Handle System Public License Agreement. Please read it carefully before downloading the software. This license agreement applies to the use of handle system technology, whether or not you use the software. It is necessary to enter into a Service Agreement if you intend to provide identifier and/or resolution services using the handle system technology under the handle system public license.

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You won't be able to create or resolve handles until you Register.


October 4, 2013