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The Handle System is infrastructure, not end user or off-the-shelf software. It is written in Java™. To install and run it, you will need skills similar to those of a Systems Administrator. The distribution includes installation instructions in an install.txt file, but before you download and attempt to use the software, you will want to review the documentation referenced here and understand the terminology, know how the system operates, and think about how you want to use the identifiers you create.

General information about the Global Handle Registry®, local handle services, and a description of the Handle System architecture and syntax can be found in the Archive, along with overviews covering the following topics: persistence, the Handle System compared to DNS, resolution, administration, authentication, scalability, replication, and handle value types.

The Interface Specification is described in RFC 3650, "Handle System Overview", RFC 3651 "Handle System Namespace and Service Definition", and RFC 3652, "Handle System Protocol (ver 2.1) Specification".


March 2015